Discover the Hidden Gem of Big Sky

Shedhorn Grill

Experience the thrill of Big Sky with a savory stop at Shedhorn Grill, nestled right on the mountain.

Exclusive Ski-in Access

Directly accessible from the mountain’s best ski routes, Shedhorn offers a unique dining experience.

Mountain-Top Views

Enjoy your meal with panoramic views of Lone Mountain and the surrounding peaks.

Slopeside Dining

locally sourced Wagyu burgers, bratwursts, hearty mountain chili, scratch soups, snacks, beer and wine

Ski The Slopes Here

Route 1: Swift Current Lift

Start at the top of Swift Current lift, ski down to Cow Flats, and follow the signs leading to the Shedhorn Lift. Enjoy the ride up and prepare for a short ski to the grill.

Route 2: The Tram

Take the Tram to the summit, ski down Liberty to Middle Road, or choose the adventurous Marx, Lenin, or Dictators routes. Keep the Shedhorn Chair to your left as you descend Sunlight Bowl to reach Middle Road.

Route 3: Dakota Chair

Ride the Dakota Chair up, traverse to Rockville Bowl, drop in and ski out via Middle Road. This route offers stunning views and thrilling descents.

Explore the Beauty of Shedhorn Grill

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